Blood Orange Salad with Burrata and Pesto

Beautiful Blood Orange, Burrata and Basil Pesto
Beautiful Blood Orange, Burrata and Basil Pesto
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Adjust Servings:
For the Salad
4 Blood orange thinly sliced
1½ lb Burrata cheese dried and torn into big pieces
¼ cup Pine nuts toasted
10 leaves Basil small
1 tbsp Olive oil extra virgin
For the Basil Pesto
2 cups Basil leaves
2 cloves Garlic minced
4 tbsp Pine nuts
½ cup Olive oil extra virgin
¼ cup Parmesan cheese grated
½ Lemon juiced
Sea salt to taste

Nutritional information

  • For the Salad

  • For the Basil Pesto

Blood Orange Salad with Burrata and Pesto


I just love this Blood Orange Salad with Burrata and Pesto recipe and I just had to share it with you all. Slices of beautiful, deep blood oranges on top of burrata cheese, which is one of my favorites and garnished with toasted pine nuts and fresh basil leaves. The pesto made from basil leaves, garlic, pine nuts, olive oil, Parmigiana and lemon juice, may just be what makes this salad everything that it is.

To make Blood Orange Salad with Burrata and Pesto, you will need the following ingredients:

Ingridiens for Blood Orange Salad with Burrata and Pesto

Steps to make Blood Orange Salad with Burrata and Pesto


Arrange blood oranges and burrata

On a serving plate, surround the sliced blood oranges with the giant, torn burrata cheese.


Prepare basil pesto

In a food processor, combine 2 cups of basil leaves, 2 cloves of minced garlic, 4 tablespoons of pine nuts and ½ cup of extra virgin olive oil.


Blend pesto

Blend a few times until smooth.


Add cheese and lemon juice

Add ¼ cup of Parmesan cheese, the juice from ½ a lemon, and bit of sea salt to taste, then blend again.


Add pesto and pine nuts

Spoon the prepared basil pesto over the blood orange and burrata salad and sprinkle with toasted pine nuts.



Garnish with a few fresh basil leaves and drizzle remaining 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil. Serve and enjoy!

I hope you love this Blood Orange Salad with Burrata and Pesto and if you do then share your thoughts with us. Do you have some more fancy salad ideas? Let us know and tag #cookmerecipes online to get in touch with us!

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Recipe Reviews

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Total Reviews: 28
Nathaly Gurley

When I saw this i was thinking there is no way oranges and cheese would taste good together but I was totally wrong, this is very good.

Audree Savich

OMGGG this blood oranage salad burrata is the BESTTTT heaven on earth ima make this a looot. Once every week when I decide to be

Taryn Roers

Thanks for sharing this recipe with us, it's fantastic and really starts a party in my mouth.

Britney Foy

Love how zesty this entire salad is, it's very good and would totally recommend it.

Leela Maltby

Yummy! The only word I can think of when I tried this, totally going to share this.

Briar Dibitetto

Brilliant little recipe, would've never though of anything like this.

Maryam Tennesen

I took a bunch of photos for my instagram page and everyone was begging me for the recipe because it looked sooo good.

Alisa Palzer

Would recommend this and the tuna salad with garlic toast, both of my favorites honestly.

Marisol Mihara

My hubby really likes this blood orange salad, he says it makes him feel healthy, LOL!

Maryam Tennesen

I made this delicious and beautiful salad. I usually make little towers with the tomatoes, cheese and basil but this was so much better and the flavors married better.

Alayah Porada

Prepared this today for the family, will be definitely preparing this again for the dinner guests tomorrow!

Lexie Jurs

I love this kind of dish! Great photos too though mine of course wasn't as picture perfect.

Ellen Hoerter

The taste of this is super unique i've never had anything like it, 5 stars from me.

Samiyah Blossman

So flavorful and so good and it also has such a nice color to it! Blood orange salad has officially become my second favorite along with the maroccan carrot salad.

Kamilah Dunwell

Although there is so many ingredients I still had to add some salt and pepper to the mix as there was a bit of blandness.

Micah Gopez

Amazingly simple and tasty, so easy to prepare, really happy with the end result of this burrata and pesto salad.

Stacy Bubash

Can't say I'm a giant fan of the pesto with oranges but its worth making again just for the kids since they liked it :)

Angelique Lien

Thank you so much - This recipe is perfection, wouldn't change anything about it.

Dayana Feygin

Me and my husband made the salad and it seemed like it was missing something. Swapped the cheese out for mozzarella and added tomatoes.

Susanna Kulach

This is amazing!! Could not ask for a better salad than this, it was so flavourful.

Kalani Kechichian

I made this to bring to work the next day for lunch because its so affordable and easy !

Annelise Rolloff

Too sour for me but atleast my husband liked it.

Wren Soscia

I skipped the basil and lemon since its already very sour cause of the blood orange, wonderful recipe nonetheless.

Evalyn Ferge

Great recipe, thanks so much for sharing going to be making this once every week.

Ayana Sadkowski

Maybe I'd make this more often if it was a bit more filling but it's not, it freaking delicious thouhg!

Cara Plescia

Not sure what to say about this, it was really good but to me i think there shouldve been a little less pine nuts, other than that it was perfect.

Carleigh Gr

The coloration of the orange is super pretty in this dish with all the other ingriedents, it really looks as good as it taste.


So delicious & colorful!!

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