Chicken & Waffle Bites

waffles with a meaty surprise
Waffles with a meaty surprise
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⅓ cup Mustard
⅓ cup Maple syrup
⅓ cup Honey
1 Chicken Breast
1 tsp plus a pinch Salt divided
1 tsp Black pepper
1 tsp Cayenne pepper
1 Eggs
¾ cup Whole milk
1 tsp Vanilla
2 ½ tbsp Neutral oil
1 cup All-purpose flour
½ tbsp Baking powder
1 tbsp Sugar

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Chicken & Waffle Bites


You and your kids will love these Chicken & Waffle Bites. They are a great recipe to have up your sleeve for a kids party or to make as a special treat for a sleepover. Normally, when I think of waffles, I think of the sweet version covered with fruit and chocolate sauce. This is a delicious savory take on waffles.

Start by mixing together egg, milk, vanilla, and oil. Sift dry ingredients into a separate large bowl and mix with the egg mixture to make a batter. Add seasoned chicken cubes to the batter and mix until well coated. Spoon the mixture into the waffle iron and cook until the chicken is cooked through and the waffles are golden brown. Serve with a mustard, maple syrup, and honey dipping sauce.

Ingridiens for Chicken & Waffle Bites

Steps to make Chicken & Waffle Bites


Make the dipping sauce


Whisk ⅓ cup of mustard with ⅓ cup of maple syrup and ⅓ cup of honey in a small bowl until you have a smooth sauce.


Chop chicken


Chop a chicken breast into cubes and season to taste with salt, pepper, and cayenne.


Make the waffle batter


In a separate bowl, whisk one egg with ¾ cup of milk, one teaspoon of vanilla and 2 ½ tablespoons of oil.


Sift dry ingredients


Sift one cup of flour, ½ a tablespoon of baking powder with one tablespoon of sugar, and a pinch of salt into a large bowl.


Add wet ingredients to the dry


Add the wet ingredients to the bowl with the dry ingredients. Stir well until the mixture is fully combined.


Stir chicken into the batter


Mix the seasoned chicken into the waffle batter. Stir until the chicken cubes are well coated.


Heat waffle iron


Turn the waffle iron on to the lowest setting and spray with cooking oil.


Place waffle batter in waffle iron


Place a piece of chicken and pour some batter into each section of the waffle iron.




Close the waffle iron and cook the sandwich for about 8 minutes on the lowest setting until the waffle is golden brown and the chicken is cooked. Repeat until all the chicken pieces and batter is used.



Serve warm with the mustard, honey and maple syrup dipping sauce.

These Chicken & Waffle Bites are a great meal to make for a kids party or sleepover. Don’t forget to tag #CookMeRecipes in your social posts when you make one of our recipes!

Lilly is an enthusiastic and cheerful young mom. She knows as well as any parent that children can be really picky when it comes to food. And she’s had plenty of experience trying to cook meals that are both tasty and nutritious, and able to satisfy the tastes of a fussy kid right away! To save you some precious time, Lilly's going to share with you all the tricks she learned the hard way, so you don’t have to! She has a wealth of recipes for quick and easy meals for kids and families on a budget.

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Recipe Reviews

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Total Reviews: 22

I'm defiantly trying this but I'm shredding the chicken and dipping it in gravy

Kristina Hartoonian

Brought some of these to work and had them cold so filling and good with any sauce you make.

Arantza Ammirato

Nailed it on the first try and actually was ultra flavorful despite me not putting much seasoning as stated.

Ila Yanuzzi

Crispy and juicy just how I like it! Thanks again Lilly.

Emi Nawrot

Chicken and waffle bites have never been better :) !

Audrina Gogna

Scrumptious and easy to make exactly the kind of lunch I was looking forward to making.

Emmy Skorski

Added some extra salt cause there wasnt enough but otherwise good ingridents and affordable.

Grayson Fezza

I make this quite often for my kids and the peanut butter one for dessert, we're a waffle loving family here.

Anneliese Feigelson

Hungry again just thinking about it thanks so much for this bomb recipe.

Karter Fitzherbert

Cooked this for family fun day Friday and everyone wanted the recipe they absolutely loved it.

Marcella Groetsch

Did nor pour the batter over the chicken, just fried the chicken and then made the waffles to be safe.

Guadalupe Thermitus

Chicken came out uncooked be VERY careful making this so that the chicken comes out cooked.

Aliana Delhoyo

My husband and I got really lazy to make a big dinner so we tried these out and now it's a tradition to make it every week lol.

Ivory Gupte

It's okay but I think it's better to cook the waffled first then just add chicken in the middle because the chicken always ends up being uncooked.

Gretchen Takaki

Obsessing over how mouth watering these are lol!

Jaylyn Sawatzky

I actually had these waffle bites with a side of french fries, totally recommend it.

Tiana Maschak

Dipped it in mayonese and ate it with pickles and mashed potatoes yum.

Melinda Heeg

These were amazing with some bbq sauce i'm obsessed.

Mayah Onusko

Wasn't too sure if the chicken would cook properly or not but turned out just fine thankfully.

Micaela Vonkaenel

I think it's better to make chocolate waffles instead of these for breakfast, this is too heavy in my opinion.

Yaretzy Wig

Going to make these again for sure they are freaking delicious all the spices go so well.


I love it! Yummy!

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