Easy French Crepes

French version of pancakes for a romantic breakfast
French version of pancakes for a romantic breakfast
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3 Eggs
1 cup Wheat flour
1 1/4 cup Milk
2 tbsp Butter melted
1-2 tbsp Butter softened
2 tsp Sugar
1/2 tsp Salt
For lemon and sugar crepes:
Juice of 1 Lemon
1/4 cup Vanilla sugar
To serve:
1 Lemon cut into wedges
Whipped cream

Nutritional information

  • For lemon and sugar crepes:

  • To serve:

Easy French Crepes


Try my Easy French Crepes and bring a touch of Paris to your kitchen! Crepes are the French version of our pancakes, but with a few important differences – double the size but thin as a wafer, with crispy edges and soft buttery centres, they are great with both sweet AND savory fillings. My absolute favorite filling is lemon juice and sugar, my kids always ask for Nutella and my husband likes to keep his American-style, with maple syrup. But we sometimes mix it up with some savory fillings like sauteed mushrooms and cheese, or cream cheese and roasted capsicums. They are so versatile, you can use just about anything!

Ingridiens for Easy French Crepes

So, how to make Easy French Crepes?

Steps to make Easy French Crepes


Combine the wet ingredients


In a jug or bowl, whisk together the milk and eggs. Add the melted butter and whisk again.


Combine the dry ingredients

In a large bowl, mix together the flour, sugar and salt.


Make the crepe batter


Pour in about 1 cup of the liquid mixture and whisk thoroughly to make a smooth paste. Add the rest of the liquid and whisk until you have a smooth, runny batter, with no lumps. If using a blender, combine all the liquid ingredients in the blender first, and add the flour gradually at the end.


Leave the batter to rest


Cover the batter and leave it to one side to rest for about 20 minutes, or overnight in the fridge.


Prepare the crepe pan

Place a non-stick pan or French skillet (between 8 and 12 inch) over medium heat and brush with some of the softened butter.


Cook the first crepe

Give the batter a good stir. Spoon 1/4 cup of the batter into the pan, and swirl the pan around so that the batter covers the bottom of the pan evenly. Leave the pan on the heat so that the crepe starts to cook.


Flip the crepe

After about a minute, the edges of the crepe will start to brown and go crisp. At this point, gently flip the crepe over, using a spatula (or in the air if you are brave!) and cook for another 15-30 seconds until you start to see circles of caramelization in the centre of the crepe. Tip the crepe out onto a plate.


Repeat cooking


Continue cooking the crepes until the batter has been used up, remembering to stir the batter each time and brush the pan with a little more softened butter.


Warm the crepes


If the crepes need warming up, place another plate over the top of them and put in the microwave for 30 seconds before quickly removing the plate and serving. Alternatively, put the oven on a very low setting while you are making the crepes and put a plate inside, adding each crepe to the oven as you make it.


Serving lemon and sugar crepes

You can serve the crepes with your filling of choice, but if you would like to make lemon and sugar crepes, place one crepe flat on a plate. Pour over a little of the lemon juice and sprinkle over some of the sugar. Fold the crepe in half, and then half again. Place a lemon wedge and spoonful of whipped cream on the side to serve.

The kids love to join in when I make Easy French Crepes. In fact it’s a great dish for family time! We have a couple of pans on the go at once, serving up a constant supply of hot crepes and all of our favorite fillings laid out on the table ready for us to tuck into. Have a go and tag some pictures of your family fun #cookmerecipes for me to share!

Dasha is an enthusiastic and cheerful mom. She knows as well as any parent that children can be really picky when it comes to food. And she’s had plenty of experience trying to cook meals that are both tasty and nutritious, and able to satisfy the tastes of a fussy kid right away! To save you some precious time, Dasha is going to share with you all the tricks she learned the hard way, so you don’t have to! She has a wealth of recipes for quick and easy meals for kids and families on a budget.

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