Freshly Brewed Ice Tea with Fresh Mint

a refreshing summer drink
A refreshing summer drink
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6 Tea bags of your choice
6 cups Water
Fresh mint a few sprigs of mint leaves
one Lemon sliced for serving

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Freshly Brewed Ice Tea with Fresh Mint


Is there anything more refreshing than ice tea on a warm day? My Freshly Brewed Ice Tea With Fresh Mint is a fantastic ice tea recipe which is super simple and tastes amazing. I think that’s down to the addition of mint which brings a fresh and intense flavor to any recipe.

This recipe involves steeping tea bags in boiling water. My top tip when making ice tea is to not move the tea bags as they steep and when removing the tea bags from the water, do not squeeze them or the tea will taste bitter. If you like sweetened ice tea, add sweetener once you have removed the tea bags. Serve the tea over ice with slices of lemon.

To make Freshly Brewed Ice Tea With Fresh Mint, you will need the following ingredients:

Ingridiens for Freshly Brewed Ice Tea with Fresh Mint

Steps to make Freshly Brewed Ice Tea with Fresh Mint


Boil water


Bring 2 cups of water to a boil.


Add tea bags


Add 6 tea bags to the boiling water. Leave the tea bags steep in the water for about 15 minutes. Do not stir while the tea is steeping.


Discard tea bags


Remove the tea bags from the water and discard.


Add water and mint


Add the remaining 4 cups of water and mint leaf springs.




Serve over ice in large glasses, garnished with fresh lemon slices.

On the next sunny day, why not whip up a batch of this Freshly Brewed Ice Tea With Fresh Mint - it’s super refreshing! If you try this ice tea recipe, please come back to leave a review!

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Recipe Reviews

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Total Reviews: 15
Audrina Gogna

Came from the lilac shandy staying for the iced tea haha.

Maryam Tennesen

No sugar?!! WHAAAT everyone knows unsweetened tea has a funny taste, I'll be adding some sugar to mine for sure..

Abbigail Gooler

Wow totally obsesed with it will be making it a lot more often now that summer is around the corner.

Chanel Gungor

Okay so I cheated a bit and didnt add mint cause i hate the taste lol but i did add some brown sugar to it and had it with chocolate.

Jovie Kerkemeyer

I really think there is something missing in this since its so bland or am I the only one?

Whitley Mcraney

If you make this please be sure whatever glass you're putting the hot water in can hold it or you'll end up burning yourself nevertheless the tea hits the spot!

Madalynn Dreesen

Hopefully I make this right on the first try wish me luck guys!

Angelique Lien

The mint doesn't go to well with the tea depending on the type but if you go for honey tea it's good.

Addalynn Scarpati

My husband and I love making iced tea and we were so used to buying the powdered premade one that you just mix that when I told him we were going to try making this he looked at me with a horrified expression cause he thought for sure nothing could beat it but after a single sip this has become his go-to iced tea every summer now :)

Kelsie Wininger

I actually used strawberry tea instead of normal tea it was the BOMB.

Selina Kollath

My kids love this so much and the fresh mint makes it even more refreshing.

Natalya Longo

Best homemade iced tea i've ever made for sure this takes the cake!

Maisy Coar

Great idea can't wait to find more refreshing things to drink this summer.

Devyn Fedigan

You can experiement for sure with this and add some sugar to it too!


super refreshing!

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