Meatloaf Cupcakes

not your average cupcakes!
Not your average cupcakes!
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1 lb Ground Beef
1 cup Crackers saltine, crushed
½ cup Onion chopped
½ cup Green bell pepper chopped
⅓ cup Milk
1 Eggs
1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
2 cloves Garlic chopped
1 tsp Black pepper
1 tsp Salt
½ cup Ketchup
½ cup Sugar
4 cups Potatoes mash
1 cup Cheddar cheese shredded

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Meatloaf Cupcakes


I will never forget the time my uncle tricked us with these Meatloaf Cupcakes when we were kids! It was such a memorable April Fool’s day and I vowed to bring that kind of fun to my kids lives when they were old enough to get the joke. The great thing about these cupcakes is while your kids might not expect them to be savory, they will enjoy them anyway because they are absolutely delicious!

They are easier to make than you would think too. Start by mixing the beef, ground crackers, onion, pepper, milk, egg, Worcestershire sauce, garlic, salt and pepper together in a large bowl. Make a ketchup and sugar mixture to place in the bottom of the muffin cups. Top with the beef mixture and bake in the oven. To decorate – frost with mashed potato and Cheddar cheese and bake in the oven until the cheese melts.

To make Meatloaf Cupcakes, you will need the following ingredients:

Ingridiens for Meatloaf Cupcakes

Steps to make Meatloaf Cupcakes


Heat oven


Preheat the oven to 350 ℉.


Make meatloaf mixture


In a large bowl, mix a pound of ground beef, 1 cup of saltine crackers, ½ a cup of chopped onion, ½ a cup of green bell pepper, ⅓ cup of milk, 1 egg, 1 tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce, 2 cloves of garlic and 1 teaspoon each of black pepper and salt together.


Mix ketchup and sugar


Mix ½ a cup of ketchup and ½ a cup of brown sugar together in a bowl. Divide this ketchup mixture between each muffin cup of a 6-cup muffin tin.


Add the meatloaf mixture


Spoon the beef mixture into the muffin cups leaving ½ an inch of space at the top.




Bake the meatloaves in the preheated oven for about 30 minutes until they are cooked through. Remove from the oven and drain the fat from muffin cups.


Decorate the muffins


Decorate each meatloaf cupcake with mashed potatoes and a sprinkle of Cheddar cheese.


Bake again


Bake again for about 10 minutes until the cheese is melted.




Serve and watch your kids faces when they realise they are eating meatloaf!

These Meatloaf Cupcakes are so much fun to make to trick people on April Fool’s day! Try them & don’t forget to tag #CookMeRecipes in your April Fool’s Day social media posts this year!

Lilly is an enthusiastic and cheerful young mom. She knows as well as any parent that children can be really picky when it comes to food. And she’s had plenty of experience trying to cook meals that are both tasty and nutritious, and able to satisfy the tastes of a fussy kid right away! To save you some precious time, Lilly's going to share with you all the tricks she learned the hard way, so you don’t have to! She has a wealth of recipes for quick and easy meals for kids and families on a budget.

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Recipe Reviews

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Total Reviews: 32
Azalea Labhart

Cupcakes.. Meatloaf? Meatloaf cupcakes, yes please. Followed the recipe step by step and the cupcakes turned out great. My family loved these so much.

Addalynn Scarpati

I had meatloaf cupcakes prepared but they did not really work for me as a prank, I much prefer April Fool’s Day Meatloaf “Cake” instead. You cant tell a difference between a real dessert cake.

Poppy Manuszak

Not going to lie, at first I was really confused - how can there be meat cupcakes. Read the recipe and decided to give it a shot, my meatloaf cupcakes turned out to be amazing. I added some pepper flakes for taste as well.

Coraline Allrich

My husband had these made sneakily and when he brought them up I actually thought that they were just regular cupcakes at first. Got me good.

Nathaly Gurley

The brown sugar really makes the meat taste so much better and the mashed potato makes it really filling. Absolutely loved the cupcakes, thanks for an awesome recipe!

Lillie Mangabat

We made meatloaf cupcakes today, the serving sizes are perfect and they tasted so gooood.. Definitely adding this recipe to my favorites.

Anniston Aswell

I fell in love with the flavor of these cupcakes the first time I made them and by the looks of it, its turning into my signature dish as I cant get enough.

Dalia Dailey

What a fun way to prepare meatloaf, really unique. These meatloaf cupcakes are perfect for any kind of party you might throw.

Kalani Kechichian

Completely harmless and easy to prepare prank that also tastes good? I got hooked instantly, will be making the meatloaf cupcakes asap.

Xiomara Rosche

Thank you so much for sharing this recipe, these look delicious. Definitely making these to prank my unsuspecting kids.

Marisol Mihara

The facial expression of my hubby when I brought him cupcakes for dinner was priceless, this recipe is a big win.

Kataleya Kuhlers

The combination of brown sugar and ketchup below the meat itself gives it such a nice and rich flavor, how did you manage to think of these tasty cups?

Poppy Manuszak

This recipe makes cooking a lot of fun, you're not preparing regular cupcakes - not at all. I will be making the cupcakes today myself and I recommend everyone to try cooking these.

Briar Dibitetto

So I followed the recipe but the cupcakes turned out to be more like meatballs, they tasted great but the minus was that the fun aspect of it was gone.

Angie Vanbecelaere

They don't really look like cupcakes but they taste good.

Myra Jourdain

I'm in love with these little cuties, huge meatlover here and everything about this recipe is good, I poured some BBQ sauce as frosting on my meaty cupcakes, it was sooo good.


Delicious and funny, really adore this recipe and will be making it again ASAP!

Rebeca Stedman

This dish is just right to serve for kids that get picky with their food. Ingredients of a full dinner in just one meatloaf cupcake.

Mika Ofori

Didn't like the normal potatoes flavor with the meat so I used sweet potatoes and it tasted a whole lot better.

Sarina Ruizgonzalez

Super creative prank, I'm really happy with how these came out, I did this and the meatloaf cake on the same day for a birthday party, both were loved by all.

Violeta Vakili

Your recipe makes the preparation so easy and simple, I was following the recipe step by step and the cupcakes turned out to be just like in the pictures.

Anneliese Feigelson

When I first made these I was skeptical because I didn't think anyone would fall for it but turns out all you have to do is yell CUPCAKES and the whole house comes running! I managed to trick my entire family with this recipe, was delicious and fun thanks a lot.

Milani Gefre

All the April fool's day recipes are pretty damn cool, I made sure to bookmark them all. Made these meatloaf cupcakes yesterday and they were absolutely yummy!!

Melinda Heeg

It's a bit obvious that these aren't actual cupcakes since you can see the meat on the sides so I decided to frost mine all around with potatoes and then add some shredded cheese on the top to make it look more like a sweet dessert

Jazlynn Mhoon

Cooked these for my kids class on April fools day and apparently everyone was satisfied even though they weren't actual cupcakes, really tasty lunch thanks.

Yaretzy Wig

This was really fun to make with my hubby, we pranked the kids with these and they were so certain it was a cupcake up until they took a bite LOL! Really great April fools prank.

Elia Minyard

Very delicious and easy to make I used ground pork instead because my kids don't like beef and added some bacon-bits to the top as "sprinkles".

Aliyana Shimmin

Better than store bought cupcakes (because they aren't awefully sweet) lol. Super cool meatloaf mini cakes.

Linnea Lavoy

Greatest idea i've seen on this site besides the sunny side up dessert, stealing this recipe!!

Maryjane Jedziniak

It kept crumbling and falling apart after cooked so it was very visible that these weren't cupcakes but they were edible so saving this and going to hope that next time it will be better.

Zoya Emore

I pranked my entire office with these and everyone who walked by didn't give it a 2nd glance, they just took a bite and were left very confused! Awesome idea!!


Incredible idea! Thanks for sharing recipe!

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