Whole Roast Cauliflower Cheese with Wild Garlic

say goodbye to tasteless cauliflower!
Say goodbye to tasteless cauliflower!
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For the cauliflower
1 Cauliflower medium, fresh, trimmed and stem cut off
1 tsp Olive oil or rapeseed oil
For the sauce
225 g Cheddar cheese grated, vintage
225 ml Crème fraîche
1 Large eggs free-range, beaten
2 tbsp Butter melted
Black pepper to taste, freshly ground
10 leaves Wild garlic finely chopped
For the garnish
Wild garlic flowers

Nutritional information

  • For the cauliflower

  • For the sauce

  • For the garnish

Whole Roast Cauliflower Cheese with Wild Garlic


This Whole Roast Cauliflower Cheese with Wild Garlic recipe is one of my family favorites. It is such a special way to cook the humble cauliflower. Cauliflower is a very nutritious vegetable, but unless it is cooked well, it can be tasteless. Thankfully, with this recipe, you can say goodbye to tasteless cauliflower!

Start by pre-cooking the whole cauliflower in a large pot of boiling water. Once softened, place in a colander to drain and cool. Make the sauce by combining Cheddar cheese, creme fraiche, a beaten egg, melted butter and chopped garlic leaves. Season with salt and pepper and pour over the cauliflower before baking in the oven until golden and bubbling. Serve with a fresh green salad and some wild garlic flowers on top.

To make my Whole Roast Cauliflower Cheese with Wild Garlic, you will need the following ingredients:

Ingridiens for Whole Roast Cauliflower Cheese with Wild Garlic

Steps to make Whole Roast Cauliflower Cheese with Wild Garlic


Heat the oven

Preheat the oven to 450 °F.


Pre-cook the cauliflower


Bring a large pan of water to a boil. Place the whole cauliflower in the boiling water and simmer for 30 minutes, covered. Turn the cauliflower over half way through to ensure even cooking. Remove the cauliflower from the poaching water and leave to rest in a colander to cool.


Make sauce


Place 225 grams of grated cheese, 225 milliliters of creme fraiche, 1 large beaten egg, 2 tablespoons of melted butter, and 10 diced wild garlic leaves in a bowl. Mix well and season with salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste.


Coat cauliflower with sauce


Place the cooled cauliflower in an oven-proof dish and brush lightly with olive or rapeseed oil. Pour the sauce over the cauliflower.


Cook cauliflower


Bake the cauliflower for 20-25 minutes until the sauce is bubbling and golden brown.



Place on a serving plate with the excess sauce from the baking dish. Scatter with wild garlic flowers and serve with fresh crusty bread and a crisp green salad.

This Whole Roast Cauliflower Cheese with Wild Garlic is a really special way to cook the humble cauliflower. If you try this recipe, please come back to leave a review to tell me what you think!

Lilly is an enthusiastic and cheerful young mom. She knows as well as any parent that children can be really picky when it comes to food. And she’s had plenty of experience trying to cook meals that are both tasty and nutritious, and able to satisfy the tastes of a fussy kid right away! To save you some precious time, Lilly's going to share with you all the tricks she learned the hard way, so you don’t have to! She has a wealth of recipes for quick and easy meals for kids and families on a budget.

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Kori Kim

I wasn't really expecting it to be tasty but I was wrong :D

Kenna Urbay

Will be cooking this soon, looks very nice!

Elianna Gehlen

Lilly, you can really make pretty much anything taste great as always!

Greta Lannie

This was really easy to make and didnt take up too much of my time luckily so tyvm.

Alia Blish

This is good, thank you!!

Nathalie Kaczkowski

That's quite a unique way of cooking cauliflower, interesting will certaintly be trying it out.

Alma Weynand

One of my favorite cauliflower recipes along with the buffalo cauliflower wings.

Remington Ixcoy

That crisp at the top really is perfection itself i love all things crunchy or slightly crunchy and this is exactly that.

Lilyana Klitzing

I really liked the sauce and will be using it in a lot more than just this, hell maybe even on some steak or chicken wings.

Nahla Mastropolo

Best recipe I've found on here so far I even took some of the leftovers to work the next day and ate it cold, still tasted like heaven.

Aviana Liberal

Not, a big fan of cauliflower but I thought I'd try it nontheless, it was okay.

Galilea Slavish

Felt as if something was missing in flavor but it was still tasty.

Angie Vanbecelaere

I dropped some more cheddar in it cause I love cheese :)

Laylah Etuk

Yep, I liked it way more than i was thinking i would too this is legit the best whole roast cauliflower you could even imagine.


Well done! Verified!

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