Garden-Fresh Chef Salad

a family favorite dish
A family favorite dish
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6 cups Spring mix salad greens
2 medium Tomatoes coarsely chopped
6 hard-boiled Large eggs coarsely chopped
3 slices Deli turkey cut into thin strips
3 slices Deli ham cut into thin strips
½ cup Cabbage shredded
4 Baby carrots fresh, sliced
4 Radishes thinly sliced
¼ tsp Garlic powder
¼ tsp Black pepper
½ cup Thousand Island salad dressing reduced-fat, or dressing of your choice

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Garden-Fresh Chef Salad


At this time of year, I love nothing more than a Garden-Fresh Chef Salad. I take out my favorite large salad bowl and get chopping my favorite salad ingredients – tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, sliced deli meats, green onions and radishes. Go wild with whatever ingredients you may have. There are no rules, just guidelines!

This salad is super easy to prepare – start by combining salad greens, tomatoes, hard-boiled large eggs, deli turkey and ham strips, cabbage, green onions, baby carrots and radishes in your favorite salad bowl. Sprinkle garlic powder and pepper over the salad ingredients. Toss with salad dressing to coat.

To make my version of Garden-Fresh Chef Salad, you will need the following ingredients:

Ingridiens for Garden-Fresh Chef Salad

Steps to make Garden-Fresh Chef Salad


Assemble the salad


In a large salad bowl, combine 6 cups of salad greens, 2 chopped medium tomatoes, coarsely chopped hard-boiled large eggs, 3 slices of deli turkey and ham, cut into thin strips, ½ a cup of shredded cabbage, 4 sliced green onions, 4 sliced fresh baby carrots and 4 thinly sliced radishes.


Sprinkle with garlic powder and pepper


Sprinkle ¼ teaspoon of garlic powder and ¼ teaspoon of pepper over the salad ingredients and toss to coat.


Dress the salad


Pour over ½ cup of salad dressing and toss to coat.



Serve immediately.

This Garden-Fresh Chef Salad is a delicious spring salad for you to try Make this one soon and come back to leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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Gretchen Takaki

I added a bit of salad dressing to mine, it's super delcious one of my favorites for sure.

Aubri Taliento

Very tasty salad, I'm happy I decided to give it a chance.

Mercedes Sachs

Brought this to work with me and it was very filling, just what I needed honestly so that I wouldn't starve at work,LOL!

Stacy Bubash

Great recipe, thx. I make a lot from here because of how easy and none-time consuming things are.

Annabel Ibeh

This garden fresh salad is literally the best salad out there.

Reece Barty

This is an amazing salad thanks so much for sharing.

Aniya Marquina

Perfect salad if you're on a diet I'd recommend it for sure, it has everything you need to keep yourself healthy.

Noemi Tolmie

I eat this every Monday and Wednesday morning, it's very healthy.

Ariyah Santago

It's alright, I prefer the vegetarian ceviche salad though.

Breanna Fleri

Can't get enough of this fresh garden salad, I really love it.

Rosa Rosinsky

Fantastic and easy to make, added some bacon bits to the top of mine and vinegar, yum.

Kailyn Correll

Husband loves when I make this salad before we eat dinner, grateful you shared it.


Delicious and beautiful salad!

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