Easter Egg: Deviled Egg Chicks

Egg Salad Served as Mini Easter Chicks
Egg Salad Served as Mini Easter Chicks
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12 Large eggs hard boiled and peeled
⅓ cup Mayonnaise
1½ tsp Dijon mustard or add to taste
¼ tsp Garlic powder
⅛ tsp Salt or to taste
1 Carrots small , peeled and sliced into rings then cut into ⅙ wedges
6 Black olives

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Easter Egg: Deviled Egg Chicks


These Easter Egg: Deviled Egg Chicks are cute and fun, mini boiled eggs stuffed with an egg salad made with combined mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, garlic powder and salt and decorated eyes from black olives and little carrot noses to make little creations that look like Easter chicks. Cute to serve and fun to make, get the kids involved with this recipe and see all the happy faces! 

To make Easter Egg: Deviled Egg Chicks, you will need the following ingredients:

Ingridiens for Easter Egg: Deviled Egg Chicks

Steps to make Easter Egg: Deviled Egg Chicks


Prepare eggs


Slice a thin layer off the base of 12 boiled and peeled eggs to create a flat surface, then slice off a generous third from the top of the egg and gently squeeze to remove the hard yolk, taking care to not break the white part. Keep egg tops with egg bases.


Combine egg salad


In a medium mixing bowl, mash 12 cooked yolks with a fork and add ⅓ cup of mayonnaise, 1½ teaspoons of Dijon mustard, or more if you wish, ¼ teaspoon of garlic powder and ⅛ teaspoon salt or to taste until everything is smooth and combined.


Pipe eggs


Transfer the egg salad to a plastic or pastry bag and generously pipe the salad into the white egg bases.


Prepare olive eyes


Use a straw to poke through an olive then gently squeeze and release the piece inside. Repeat with remaining olives to create 24 eyes for 12 chicks.


Decorate chicks


Top the egg salad with their paired ⅓ sliced tops and gently place olive pieces to resemble 2 eyes on each chick. For the beaks, carefully place ⅙ pieces of carrot wedges.



Serve on a platter with garnishings of fresh parsley or dill, if you wish!

You have to add these Easter Egg: Deviled Egg Chicks to your Easter lunch or brunch menu this year. They really bring a fun and creative element to your table. We’d love to see your creations so share them with us online and tag us in your pics using our hashtag #cookmerecipes!

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Recipe Reviews

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Total Reviews: 21
Bryleigh Luchansky

Was too mushy and the egg didn't hold at all, completely crushed it by just lifting it up cause it was too soft.

Aniya Marquina

GREAT EASTER RECIPE! Would recommend this if you have kids or for some event, thanks for share.

Carlie Deviney

Shared this with my grandma so she could make some for my nephews since i'm on the other side of the country this Easter..but hopefully she'll send some pictures and they turn out as great as this, love this site and its creativity so much.

Jaelyn Mastalir

I used egg spread for filling instead because i didn't have enough time to do all the steps was still really wonderful and fun to make.

Cecily Arita

AHHH these are SOOOO SOO CUTE! Im only 12 and i made this for my momma and she thought it was good :-)

Kaya Streyle

Too cute for words i just love them thanks so much for showing me how to make it.

Jayde Tomhave

So I wanted to prank my hubby this Easter and I ended up making a bunch of these, putting them on the bedside table and then set his alarm for 7AM with the sound of baby chicks, he woke up and saw them then freaked out!! Was hilarious.

Novalee Alain

Had a lot of fun making these cute little birdies for sure, Easter is my favorite holiday just because i know i can make things like this and the bunny bread.

Tamia Wead

No one wanted to eat the baby chicks instead they all pulled out their camera phones and took a bunch of photos of my cute lil' babies.

Baylor Bayliss

Made these, meatloaf cake and some bunny bread for Easter lunch and everyone was flipping out because the whole dinner table was filled with adorable stuff!

Carla Romane

Bookmarked!! Going to try making the little deviled chickies once again but this time with some food coloring to make them all different colors!

Livia Ambrosio

Black olives didn't go too well with this so i ended up using green instead, tasted way better.

Jolene Eveleth

Gotta stay on this website for each holiday since you guys have everything! I even saw the Halloween spaghetti and stuffed jack'o peppers, freaking awesome!

Erika Perri

I'm glad this wasn't as hard as it looked, I messed up a few times while trying to carve the egg and ended up with some shreds so i got a bit creative and put them next to the suriving eggs then colored some "cracks" on the deviled egg with black food coloring and a toothpick, looks really cool.

Belle Rudig

Perfect little eggs and honestly can't wait to bring these to work tomorrow, everyone is going to FLIP!

Meera Fuell

Brought these to Sunday church and it was adored by all, going to be making these again sometime soon hopefully(: .

Ivanna Liesman

This recipe should be renamed The adorable Deviled chickies, because they are too precious and adorable, lol.

Ariyah Santago

My kids are sooo happy they got to hold a baby chick, even if it wasn't a live one!

Maddie Noye

Took me a while to get the eyes in place so they wouldn't turn out cross-eyed but when i finally got it, it was worth it, they are adorable.

Lennox Oner

Mine didn't even stay in place, kept falling everywhere and the eyes and beak wouldn't stay either, so was just shredded boiled eggs.


So cute!

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