Vegan Gluten Free Beetroot Gnocchi

pink gnocchi with a hazelnut sauce
Pink gnocchi with a hazelnut sauce
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For the gnocchi:
16 oz Potatoes floury potatoes are the best
1,7 oz Beets
1 ¼ cup Gluten-free flour
1 pinch Ground nutmeg
For the hazelnut white sauce:
2 tsp Olive oil extra virgin
1 tbsp Cornstarch
¾ cup Milk hazelnut
1 pinch Ground nutmeg
1 pinch Salt
2 tbsp Basil fresh leaves, to serve
2 tbsp Olive oil extra virgin, to serve
Hazelnuts roughly chopped toasted hazelnuts, to serve
Balsamic reduction to serve

Nutritional information

  • For the gnocchi:

  • For the hazelnut white sauce:

Vegan Gluten Free Beetroot Gnocchi


I recently made this Vegan Gluten Free Beetroot Gnocchi for the first time and let me tell you, it has already become a staple in my kitchen! The gnocchi pieces have a beautiful deep pink color and the hazelnut sauce is creamy and delicious.

Making your own gnocchi from scratch is not as difficult as you might think! It is much easier than pasta and more forgiving if you make small mistakes along the way! All you’ll need is mashed potato, beet puree, some gluten free flour and a pinch of grated nutmeg. Mix these ingredients together and knead until you have a soft, smooth dough.

To make my Vegan Gluten Free Beetroot Gnocchi, you will need the following ingredients:

Ingridiens for Vegan Gluten Free Beetroot Gnocchi

So, how do you make Vegan Gluten Free Beetroot Gnocchi?

Steps to make Vegan Gluten Free Beetroot Gnocchi


Heat oven


Preheat the oven to 375 °F.


Cook the beets


Brush the beets with olive oil. Place 2-3 tablespoons of water in the bottom of a baking dish. Place the beets in the dish and cover tightly with foil. Bake for 50-60 minutes.


Puree cooked beets


When the beets are cool enough to touch, remove the skin and place them in a food processor. Pulse until you have a smooth puree.


Boil potatoes


Cook the potatoes, Italian style which means boil them with skins on in a large pot of unsalted water.


Mash potatoes and mix with beet puree


Peel the potatoes while they are still hot. Mash them and mix with the beet puree and add a pinch of grated nutmeg.


Add flour


Add the flour gradually. Knead the dough gently until smooth but still slightly sticky. Don't add too much flour to the dough. Form the dough into a ball and leave to rest for a few minutes.


Make the gnocchi


On a lightly floured work surface, cut the dough into even slices. Roll each dough piece into ¼ inch wide rolls. Cut each roll into similar sized chunks. Dust each piece with flour. Try not to handle the gnocchi pieces too much. Arrange them on a dry cloth or parchment paper and put them into the fridge while you prepare the sauce.


Make the sauce


Place the oil, cornstarch, and a tablespoon of hazelnut milk in a saucepan. Whisk the mixture with a whisk until you have a smooth liquid. Bring the mixture to a boil. Reduce the heat and add the remaining hazelnut milk along with a pinch of nutmeg and salt. Simmer for 2-3 minutes until you have a creamy sauce.


Cook the gnocchi


Cook the gnocchi pieces in salted boiling water until they rise to the surface. Drain them with a slotted spoon.


Stir fry the gnocchi pieces


Heat 2 tablespoons of oil in a non-stick pan with the basil. Add the gnocchi and gently fry them moving them constantly with a wooden spoon.



Serve immediately with the hazelnut sauce, balsamic vinegar reduction and fresh basil . Sprinkle with toasted hazelnuts.

This Vegan gluten free Beetroot Gnocchi dish is creamy, delicious and healthy Italian dish. Don’t forget to tag #cookmerecipes when you post a pic of this dish to Instagram!

Nina dreams of gender equality and for women all over the world to feel empowered and enjoy the same freedom she has. She’s a careful consumer, believing that by being more conscious about the way we live we can make the world a better place! Already a vegetarian, she uses animal products sparingly and tries to produce as little waste as possible. Most of her recipes are vegan as a result!

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