Chicken and Apple Meatballs

Sweet and Crunchy, Apple, Chicken Meatballs
Sweet and Crunchy, Apple, Chicken Meatballs
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1 lb Ground chicken
1 Apples grated
½ cup Onion grated
2 tsp Garlic minced or pressed
3 tbsp Sage fresh, packed, diced
1-2 cups Panko breadcrumbs
Salt to taste
Fresh Ground pepper to taste

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Chicken and Apple Meatballs


A family favorite, these Chicken and Apple Meatballs are sweet and crunchy and all things juicy. Flavors and textures from grated apple and onions, minced garlic and fresh sage, give these meatballs a different type of delicious!

Enjoy these protein balls with grilled string beans, drizzled with olive oil or a portion of cauliflower rice with red currants.

To make Chicken and Apple Meatballs, you will need the following ingredients:

Ingridiens for Chicken and Apple Meatballs

Steps to make Chicken and Apple Meatballs




Preheat oven to 350 °F.


Combine meat mixture


In a large mixing bowl, mix chicken, apple, onion, sage, garlic, salt and pepper to combine well.


Add panko


Add ½ cup per time, slowly mix the panko breadcrumbs into the meat until a consistency allowing you to easily form meatballs, is reached.


Roll meatballs


Using your hands, roll the meat mixture into meatballs and place in single rows into a baking dish.




Cover dish with aluminum foil and bake in preheated oven for 30 minutes until the center of the meatball reaches 165 °F.



Cool completely before serving.

These Chicken and Apple Meatballs serve great for a tasty and filling dinner that feeds the whole family. Choose any side of your choice and it will compliment these meatballs perfectly. Let us know how you enjoy serving them and tag #cookmerecipes online, when you do!

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Recipe Reviews

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Total Reviews: 17
Mayra Hosking

Very juicy and taste so good..its not very crunchy like the description says though it actually fell apart but i liked it anyway.

Clover Housley

Huge crowd pleaser to be honest didnt imagine it tasting this good thx for sharing.

Eisley Bismark

I tossed in a few sundried tomatos that were soaked in oil and they go well with the flavor of the chicken meatballs so id recommend getting creative with this recipe.

Christiana Beights

Fried mine instead of baking it..little less healthy but worth.

Susanna Kulach

My kids actually love this for lunch with some french fries and honey mustard :)

Ali Bunfill

Not too happy with how this turned out sadly it took way too long and fell apart in the end.

Aliyana Shimmin

Apple in chicken? Honestly wouldnt have even tried to mix the two together up until now no regrets though it actually goes well.

Nellie Beckstrand

Taste freaking delicious! Amazingly simple to make too.

Legacy Picinich

Never going to second guess any type of meal on this website again this was perfection!

Kiana Harvilla

Really good with pasta and Béchamel sauce on the top it blends the flavors well.

Araya Kacprowicz

Add some barbeque on the side and thank me later (;

Aarya Najafi

Okay so I ended up just making the pesto meatballs didnt like the flavor of this one but my husband did so i'll keep it on the list.

Nahla Mastropolo

Dasha makes a lot of unique lunches and this is one of them there is no way to describe the flavor of this chicken other than delicious and nutrisous!

Margo Pugsley

Chicken and apple meatballs are mouthwatering good i made mine with a side of yellow rice and beans.

Agnes Tappa

Can I use red apples instead of green? or what?

Raylynn Hoffstadt

Dipped mine in creamcheese and made it for sunday funday at the families house everyone enjoyed it!


Thank you! Approved!

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