The Best Matzo Ball Soup

Chicken Stock Soup with Kneidel for Passover
Chicken Stock Soup with Kneidel for Passover
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4 Large eggs beaten
¼ cup Water or seltzer
¼ cup Schmaltz rendered chicken fat or neutral oil like vegetable or canola oil
1 cup Matzo meal
⅛ - 1 tsp Baking powder optional
1 tsp Kosher Salt plus more to taste
Black pepper freshly ground, to taste
3 quarts Chicken stock divided
For garnish:
1 Carrots finely diced
1 stick Celery finely diced
2 sprigs Dill fresh, plus picked fresh dill fronds, for garnish

Nutritional information

  • For garnish:

The Best Matzo Ball Soup


Most Jewish people will agree with me that Passover is no celebration without The Best Matzo Ball Soup. Some families wait all year for this speciality but with my Jewish friends, they serve it for all the big festivals and traditional or religious holidays. A chicken soup broth filled with matzo balls made from matzo meal, which is the traditional flour replacement used during Passover. This is a famous Eastern European food now enjoyed all over the world. 

To make The Best Matzo Ball Soup, you will need the following ingredients:

Ingridiens for The Best Matzo Ball Soup

Steps to make The Best Matzo Ball Soup


Combine wet ingredients


In a large mixing bowl, whisk 4 large eggs with ¼ cup of seltzer and ¼ cup of Shmaltz, or vegetable oil, if using, until completely combined.


Combine dry ingredients


In a separate mixing bowl, combine 1 cup of matzo meal, 1 teaspoon of baking powder, if using, and salt and pepper to taste.


Prepare matzo ball batter


Add the dry ingredients to the bowl of wet ingredients and mix to completely combine.




Refrigerate, uncovered, for about 30 minutes.


Prepare stock


Divide 3 quarts of chicken stock, equally, between two pots and season with salt. Bring both to a simmer and add a few diced carrots, celery and dill sprigs to one of the pots and simmer until cooked then discard the dill sprigs and keep both pots warm.


Prepare matzo balls


Keep your hands well moistened by wetting them with water, then roll the chilled matzo dough into 1- 1½-inch balls.


Cook matzo balls


Add the rolled balls to the pot of stock without the cooked vegetables then cover with a lid and simmer for about 1/2 hour until the matzo balls are cooked right through. Keep warm in the broth until ready to serve.



To serve, use a slotted spoon to transfer matzo balls to serving bowls then strain matzo-ball-cooking broth and save for another use. Ladle hot chicken broth with celery and carrots from the second pot into each bowl and garnish with a few dill sprigs.

You will need to double this The Best Matzo Ball Soup recipe because making enough for 4 is just never enough, we all know that! Can you agree? Let us know and share some of your favorite traditional recipes with us! Contact us online using our hashtag #cookmerecipes in your own blogs and posts.

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Recipe Reviews

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Regan Sepulbeda

Brilliant soup recipe, will be sharing this to my grandma so she can see what a successful cheif i am, LOL!

Leona Eghbali

Really great recipe and easy cause of the steps, I didn't bother making more than three matzo balls though since it's only me. Thanks for sharing.

Adilyn Vanduren

Took to long to make just a soup, I like mine cut short like the ham and potato soup, took only 29 minutes instead of an hour+ This was good but timing is too long.

Mercy Abramson

Light and easy to make this, sure it takes a while but it's very delicious and even when cold it taste just as great.

Lindsay Caracoza

Way better than any soup i've ever made, even chicken! This will help you stop being hungry in no time and taste amazing, would recommend.

Larissa Seyfarth

Made mine with some chopped chicken on the inside and no carrots cause carrots are gross.

Royalty Dewhurst

Had this with some cheesy garlic bread on the side and a nice glass of red wine, perfection.. honestly loved it.

Holland Shusterman

Totally great recipe BUT I did add some extra spices to mine to make it more flavourful since I love a little kick, I just added a drop of hot sauce and some paprika, yum yum.

Nathalia Staeheli

Made this for my daughter when she had come down with the cold and it really got it out of her system, greatful for this recipe.

Izabelle Callanan

The balls I made fell apart in the soup instantly but it didn't stop me or my hubby from eating it! Was wonderful!

Jazlynn Mhoon

This soup is ultra filling, really good, no need to even make a second meal if you add some bread to the side this will be enough for lunch!


Perfect! Verified!

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