Cauliflower White Bean Soup

with Dijon croutons
With Dijon croutons
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1 tbsp Olive oil
1 Sweet onions diced
4 Garlic minced
½ tsp Dried thyme
½ tsp Dried rosemary
Kosher Salt to taste
Black pepper to taste
6 cups Cauliflower florets
1 (15-oz) can White beans drained and rinsed
4 cups Vegetable stock or chicken stock
Fresh thyme for serving
For Dijon croutons:
4 cups Sourdough bread cubed
3 tbsp Butter melted
2 tbsp Dijon mustard

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  • For Dijon croutons:

Cauliflower White Bean Soup


This comforting Cauliflower White Bean Soup is as easy as it is delicious. Thickened with cannellini beans and flavored with garlic, thyme, and rosemary, it comes together in about 30 minutes with satisfying results. Make sure to serve it topped with mustardy croutons for the ultimate winter warmer.

To start, heat the olive oil in a large pot or Dutch oven and add the onions, garlic, dried herbs, and a pinch of each salt and black pepper. Sauté until the onions are soft and translucent. Then add the cauliflower florets, cannellini beans, and the stock of choice. Add another pinch of salt and black pepper and simmer until the cauliflower is tender. Meanwhile, make the croutons. Melt the butter and whisk in the Dijon mustard. Pour the butter-mustard mixture over the sourdough bread cubes and toss to coat well. Bake the croutons in the preheated oven until golden and toasty. Once the cauliflower is ready, purée the soup until smooth and creamy. Garnish the soup with fresh thyme and top with Dijon croutons. Serve hot and enjoy!

To make the Cauliflower White Bean Soup, you will need the following ingredients:

Ingridiens for Cauliflower White Bean Soup

Steps to make Cauliflower White Bean Soup


Preheat oven

Preheat your oven to 400 °F


Sauté onions


In a large pot over medium heat, heat 1 tablespoon olive oil. Add 1 diced onion, 4 minced garlic cloves, ½ teaspoon dried thyme, ½ teaspoon dried rosemary, and a big pinch of each salt and black pepper. Cook until the onions are soft, about 5 minutes.


Add cauliflower, beans and stock


Add 6 cups cauliflower florets, 1 can beans, and 4 cups vegetable or chicken stock. Add another pinch of salt and black pepper and bring to a boil.




Once at a boil, reduce to a simmer. Cover and cook for 15 to 20 minutes or until the cauliflower is tender.


Melt butter and add mustard


In the meantime, melt 3 tablespoons butter in a small saucepan. Once melted, remove from the heat and whisk in 2 tablespoons Dijon mustard.


Prepare croutons


Place 4 cups sourdough bread cubes on a rimmed baking sheet. Drizzle the butter and mustard mixture over the bread, then toss well until to coat.Add a sprinkle of salt and black pepper.


Bake croutons


Bake the sourdough croutons for 10 to 12 minutes or until golden and toasty.




Once the cauliflower is tender, use an immersion blender to purée the soup until completely smooth. Taste and adjust with more salt and black pepper if needed. Keep over low heat until ready to serve.



Serve the soup hot with fresh thyme and Dijon croutons.

Made from pantry staples, a few tablespoons of butter and sourdough croutons, this Cauliflower White Bean Soup is the ultimate winter warmer. Did you make it? Let us know if you try this recipe by tagging us on Instagram @cookmerecipes. We love seeing what you’ve made!

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I like cauliflower! Thanks for the delicious recipe!

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