Millet Porridge with Cranberries and Quince

Breakfast Millet with Fresh Fruits
Breakfast Millet with Fresh Fruits
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1 cup Millet
2 cups Almond milk or other plant-based milk
1 (about 7 oz) Quinces or pears, cut into small pieces
1 cup Cranberries fresh or frozen
2 Apples small, cut into small pieces
1 tbsp Coconut sugar
½ cup Water
½ tsp Cinnamon
1-2 tsp Coconut flakes
½ cup Pomegranate seeds

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Millet Porridge with Cranberries and Quince


This Millet Porridge with Cranberries and Quince is so good it’s like having dessert for breakfast. Millet grain combined with almond milk or another vegan, plant-based milk for a creamy textured porridge and I decorate my bowls with beautiful, cooked and sweetened quince and apples, some cranberries, and sprinkles of coconut sugar, cinnamon, coconut flakes and beautiful, ruby red pomegranate seeds. 

To make Millet Porridge with Cranberries and Quince, you will need the following ingredients:

Ingridiens for Millet Porridge with Cranberries and Quince

Steps to make Millet Porridge with Cranberries and Quince


Cook millet


In a saucepan over low heat, combine 1 cup of millet and 2 cups of almond milk and cook for about 15-20 minutes.


Cook fruit


In a separate saucepan of ½ cup of water, add 1 quince, or pear if using, cut into small pieces, 1 cup of cranberries, 2 small apples, cut into small pieces, 1 tablespoon of coconut sugar and stir to combine. Cook for about 10 minutes.



Divide the creamy millet between 2 serving bowls and top with the prepared fruit sauce, ½ teaspoon of cinnamon, 1-2 teaspoons of coconut flakes and and ½ cup of pomegranate seeds, to serve. Enjoy!

Serve this Millet Porridge with Cranberries and Quince for breakfast or even dessert, just be sure to double up the recipe because you will definitely need more than 2 servings. Do you love this breakfast dessert as much as my family? Let us know and tag us in your breakfast pictures online with our hashtag #cookmerecipes!

Nina dreams of gender equality and for women all over the world to feel empowered and enjoy the same freedom she has. She’s a careful consumer, believing that by being more conscious about the way we live we can make the world a better place! Already a vegetarian, she uses animal products sparingly and tries to produce as little waste as possible. Most of her recipes are vegan as a result!

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Vada Naas

The coconut flakes really bring out the flavour in this, it's delicious.

Delia Purpera

This is such a brilliant little recipe for those who want something light, sweet and healthy.

Sharon Mefford

Kinda sweet for me but my hubby has a sweet tooth so he gobbled the whole thing up.

Malaya Loperena

It was alright, millet isn't my favorite thing in the world though but my kids liked it.

Cecily Arita

Brought this to work for lunch since I didn't have much time for breakfast and it was so filling and good, kept me full the whole day.

Kailani Bashford

Yummy and simple to make, bookmarked this page, going to be making this millet porridge and the millet with tofu freta a lot more often.

Maryam Tennesen

Great recipe thanks so much for sharing it.

Arely Baab

Instead of cranberries on their own i added some blueberries and raspeberries to mine, was fantastic.

Evelina Whitebread

Very flavourful and delicious I'm going to be making this more than once, maybe even everyday.

Devyn Fedigan

Made this for breakfast alongside some black tea, it was really good.


Thanks for this awesome recipe!

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