Southern Strawberry Sweet Iced Tea

delicious cold summer drink
Delicious cold summer drink
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4-5 Tea bags large
6 cups Water divided
4 cups Strawberries makes about 1 cup of juice
1½ cups Granulated sugar
Optional garnish
Strawberries fresh or frozen
Fresh mint

Nutritional information

  • Optional garnish

Southern Strawberry Sweet Iced Tea


I love to make a large pitcher of this Southern Strawberry Sweet Iced Tea refreshing ice tea on a warm day. It is really simple to make and tastes absolutely amazing. I like to add a mint and strawberry garnish which adds a little extra something to the recipe in my opinion!

Start by bringing water to a boil in a small pot. Remove the pot from the heat and add the tea bags. As the tea steeps, puree and strain strawberries to get juice. Combine the tea with strawberry juice and sugar. Refrigerate until ice cold and serve over ice with mint and fresh or frozen strawberries (I like to use frozen strawberries as ice cubes).

To make Southern Strawberry Sweet Iced Tea, you will need the following ingredients:

Ingridiens for Southern Strawberry Sweet Iced Tea

Steps to make Southern Strawberry Sweet Iced Tea


Boil water


Bring 2 cups of water to a boil in a small pot.


Add tea bags


Remove the pot from the heat and add 4-5 tea bags to the pot. Leave the tea bags steep in the water for about 10 minutes.


Make strawberry puree


Chop 4 cups of strawberries and puree them in a food processor. Push the pureed strawberries through a mesh strainer. Reserve the juice and discard the pulp.


Mix tea, juice and sugar


Combine tea, strawberry juice and sugar in a large pitcher.


Add water


Pour in the remaining 4 cups of water.




Place the pitcher in the refrigerator and leave to chill until cold.



Serve over ice in large glasses, garnished with fresh or frozen strawberries and mint.

Try this Southern Strawberry Sweet Iced Tea next time you are looking for some cool refreshment! If you try it & like it, please come back to leave a review!

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Recipe Reviews

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Total Reviews: 21
Mika Ofori

The mint was a bit overwhelming to be honest, not bad but I'm not adding any mint next time for sure.

Anneliese Feigelson

Brought this tea to a family picinic it was a huge crowd pleaser.

Maren Lepre

Can't get enough of this iced tea, southern foods and drinks always have the best and strongest taste to them.

Janice Matherly

One of my favorite summer drinks to make really loved it.

Reign Axelsson

Vegan/Vegetarian drinks are top tier this summer thx for sharing it.

Melinda Heeg

Good recipe i tried both this and honey hibiscus both yummy.

Opal Nighbert

Not my cup of tea (no pun inteded) brewed tea with mint on its own was way more refreshing and a lot less work than this recipe.

Amaia Pottratz

Love me some good homemade iced tea this was perfection might try out a few others next week.

Dania Roubideaux

Soooo yummy and easy this was ultra fun to make and just good.

Soraya Berlingieri

My kids loved this!! They even helped me make it and added a bit of love too :)

Maryjane Jedziniak

Delicious strawberry tea going to try it out with some blueberries next.

Destinee Saltares

I had a hard time making this just because it's very messy and the puree is hard to perfect.

Kourtney Knox

Refreshing cup of tea for a hot summer day, glad i tried this out but i didnt put mint.

Lesly Weiffenbach

Awesome took barely and time or effort to make.

Skylah Galde

Two boys age 8 and 6 made this all on their lonesome and sold it instead of making a lemonade stand for 25c a cup! Haha loved it.

Maxine Zipkin

Instead of granulated sugar I used brown the strawberries are already sweet and too much sugar makes it overbearing.

Calista Kurtic

Mine came out very chunky.

Carley Aviza

Good but not sure what the point of the teabags are when you got perfectly good strawberry puree?

Taraji Benin

This looks lovely and taste lovely too 10/10 recipe wish I could leave it with more stars.

Scout Bohnet

Jelena and her perfect recipes..very happy ty.


Cool! Thanks for sharing!

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