Chilled Cucumber, Dill and Yogurt Soup

easy no-cook dish
Easy no-cook dish
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500 g Greek yogurt
2 Cucumbers
1 clove Garlic sliced
1 small bunch Fresh mint leaves picked
1 small bunch Dill reserve some to serve
2 tbsp White wine vinegar
1 ½ tsp Celery seed plus a pinch to serve
Salt to taste
White pepper to taste
100g Feta cheese finely crumbled
1-2 tbsp Olive oil extra-virgin
To serve:
Rye Bread thinly sliced

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Chilled Cucumber, Dill and Yogurt Soup


This delicious no-cook Chilled Cucumber, Dill and Yogurt Soup is perfect for days when you don’t want to fuss around the kitchen. Fragrant with fresh dill and mint, this luscious soup is best served chilled, allowing time for the flavors to marry. Fresh and wholesome, the soup is delicious with thinly sliced rye bread.   

The recipe is beyond simple to prepare, and it all comes together in a food processor or blender in five minutes. Just combine all of the ingredients and blend until smooth and creamy. Thin the soup out if needed and chill. When ready to serve, ladle the chilled soup into bowls. Finish it off with some diced cucumbers, fresh dill, celery seeds, crumbled feta, and a few drops of extra-virgin olive oil. Yummy! 

To make the Chilled Cucumber, Dill and Yogurt Soup, you will need the following ingredients:

Ingridiens for Chilled Cucumber, Dill and Yogurt Soup

Steps to make Chilled Cucumber, Dill and Yogurt Soup


Prepare cucumber


Save a 2-inch chunk of a cucumber for serving, then peel and deseed the rest. Reserve the seeds and set aside. Roughly chop the cucumber.


Place yogurt, cucumber, garlic, and herbs in food processor


In a food processor or blender, combine 500 grams Greek yogurt, chopped cucumber, 1 sliced garlic clove, mint leaves, most of the dill (reserve some for serving), 2 tablespoons vinegar, and 1 ½ teaspoon celery seeds.




Blend as smoothly as possible. Check the consistency. If it’s too thick, blend in enough of the reserved cucumber seeds to thin out. Taste and season with salt and white pepper. Chill until ready to serve.


Dice reserved cucumber


When ready to serve, finely dice the reserved cucumber.



To serve, divide the chilled soup between 4 bowls. Scatter some diced cucumber and crumbled feta over each bowl. Top with chopped dill and some celery seeds. Garnish with a few drops of olive oil and serve with thinly sliced rye bread.

Looking for a healthy no-cook recipe? This wholesome and delicious Chilled Cucumber, Dill and Yogurt Soup is perfect for the warmer weather. It requires no cooking and takes less than half an hour to prepare. Give this recipe a try, and don’t forget to tag us @cookmerecipes on Instagram. We love seeing what you’ve made!

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I love this simple summer soup! Thanks for saring the recipe!

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