Edible Juice

hilarious April fool’s joke
Hilarious April fool’s joke
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2 sachets Gelatin unflavored
4 cups Orange juice divided
4 tsp Sugar
4 Drinking straws

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Edible Juice


This Edible Juice is a hilarious prank to make this April fool’s day. It is a great way to trick your friends or family into thinking that they are about to drink a cold glass of OJ from the refrigerator. Little will they realise that the “juice” is completely solid!

It’s foolproof to make these drinks too (see what I did there?!) Start by dissolving gelatin in a cup of orange juice https://indianpharmall.com/generic-viagra-from-india/. Bring the remaining orange juice to a boil and slowly add the gelatin mixture. Pour the orange and gelatin mix into 4 tall glasses and insert a straw in each. Refrigerate until you are ready to trick your victims!

To make Edible Juice, you will need the following ingredients:

Ingridiens for Edible Juice

Steps to make Edible Juice


Dissolve gelatin in orange juice


Pour 1 cup of orange juice into a small bowl. Sprinkle 2 sachets of gelatin the OJ and let stand 1 minute.


Heat orange juice


Pour the remaining 3 cups of orange juice into a large saucepan with 4 teaspoons of sugar and bring to a boil.


Add gelatin mixture


Stir in the gelatin mixture and cook while stirring over low heat until the gelatin is fully dissolved.


Pour into glasses


Pour the mixture into four glasses and insert drinking straws.




Cover and chill these “drinks” until firm.



Serve and watch your friends and family’s reaction!

This Edible Juice is a hilarious April fool’s prank! Try it on 1 April and make sure you tag #cookmerecipes in any of your edible juice posts!

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Keila Mabary

Edible juice looks like a good way to poke some fun at your friends or family, entertaining for how little effort it requires.

Greta Lannie

This recipe looks awesome! Going to have to try it right away to pull some pranks on unwary family members.

Selina Kollath

I never thought that something so cool and funny would be so easy to make. No effort required to prepare the glasses at all and now I have a go to prank.

Arantza Ammirato

You can do this with any kind of juice, I made mine with pineapple and it turned out exactly as expected, thanks for sharing.

Kelsie Wininger

If you want to have some fun with your family or friends make Edible juice and observe their confused reactions, lol.

Mayra Hosking

Made this as a prank for my family for April fools day, the look on their faces when they tried to sip it through a straw was priceless!

Maryam Tennesen

Awesome! I've been looking for a funny way to prank my colleagues at work and now I found it.

Angelique Lien

These jelly cups of delight could be not only a prank but a legitimate desert, my kids instantly fell in love with this goofy way of drinking your juice, now when i buy beer for myself i make this for them!

Devyn Fedigan

Mine turned out just like the pictures, the only minus was that there was not enough sweetness. I would personally up the sugar to 5 or 6 teaspoons.

Aryana Gicker

Hey, thanks for sharing this. I cant believe how easy it is to prepare this prank. Going to try it out tonight and serve this tomorrow at breakfast along with the sunny side up dessert.

Carlee Hooge

Haha these glasses of jelly juice are so funny and even the orange juice flavor remains untampered, love these.


Funny way of presenting something as simple as orange juice. Quick to make and does not require a lot of ingredients, that's a win in my book.


LOL! Thanks for sharing recipe!

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