Homemade Piña Colada Popsicles

delicious tropical treats
Delicious tropical treats
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1 (20 oz) Can chopped pineapple
1 (13 ½ oz) can Coconut milk
1/3 cup Coconut flakes

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Homemade Piña Colada Popsicles


These Homemade Piña Colada Popsicles always gets me humming the Piña Colada song – you know the one? “If you like piña coladas, and getting caught in the rain….” These easy Piña Colada popsicles are a taste of sunshine though with tropical flavors provided by pineapple and coconut.

This Piña Colada Popsicles recipe is super simple to make too. Place all of the ingredients in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Simmer for a few minutes before removing from the heat and leaving to cool. Once cool, blend the mixture in a blender. Transfer to popsicle molds and place in the freezer for about 4 hours. Then enjoy your tropical treat!

To make Homemade Piña Colada Popsicles, you will need the following ingredients:

Ingridiens for Homemade Piña Colada Popsicles

Steps to make Homemade Piña Colada Popsicles


Place ingredients in a saucepan


Place pineapple chunks, coconut milk and coconut flakes in a large saucepan or pot.


Bring to a boil and simmer


Bring the contents of the saucepan to a boil. Reduce the heat and simmer for 5-7 minutes.




Remove the saucepan from the heat and leave to cool.




Pour the cooled mixture into a blender and blend until smooth.


Transfer to popsicle molds


Transfer the mixture to popsicle molds.




Freeze for at least 4 hours until the ice pops are solid.



Serve straight from the freezer.

These Homemade Piña Colada Popsicles are a tropical treat for both the kids and the adults in your life. Try making them soon and remember to tag #cookmerecipes if you post pics on instagram!

Lilly is an enthusiastic and cheerful young mom. She knows as well as any parent that children can be really picky when it comes to food. And she’s had plenty of experience trying to cook meals that are both tasty and nutritious, and able to satisfy the tastes of a fussy kid right away! To save you some precious time, Lilly's going to share with you all the tricks she learned the hard way, so you don’t have to! She has a wealth of recipes for quick and easy meals for kids and families on a budget.

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Recipe Reviews

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Total Reviews: 20
Haleigh Vellanki

Was very good and refreshing needed a bit of sugar but thats it.

Carla Romane

Husband is in love with these i make them once or twice every week worth every hour of waiting.

Salma Gambale

My mind has been opened to new possibilities after trying this out lol had no idead this was a thing up until today love this website so much.

Paisleigh Wenners

Not exactly what I expected it needs some sugar for sure because its not sweet at all

Joslyn Whiles

This and the grape greek yogurt popsicles are my two personal favorites they are very flavorful and you can add or subtract the alcohol.

Kataleya Kuhlers

These homemade colada popsikles are in the freezer as I type this out! Can't wait for them to be done its super hot today and legit perfect for these.

Samiyah Blossman

Mouthwatering pops had mine with club soda instead of alcohol.

Evalynn Subramani

Drizzled some chocolate on top too and let it freeze, really good blend you can also add some caramel to it.

Ivana Canidate

I put a little bit of white rum in mine to make it an official pina colada popsicle ;)

Ailani Zenker

The coconut flavor is just way too strong dont like it sadly but my sister enjoyed it so just decided to hand the recipe over to her.

Clementine Haduck

Yummy great icecream to make on a hot day .

Lianna Allberry

Delicious love the texture too.

Novalee Alain

Virgin pina colada pops are good and all but if you want to add more of a flavor sub the rum with sprite instead so its kid freindly too but with a little more sweetness.

Alaysia Geagan

Huge crowd pleaser made it for the 4th of July with some white rum inside to celebrate at the beach while watching the fireworks.

Aryana Gicker

Loved it thanks a lot will be making it again.

Dalia Dailey

10/10 better than store bought and affordable since theres not much you need to add into this anyway.

Laniyah Dupras

Very tasty and wasn't too difficult to make either though the flakes were a bit clunky when put together but I think if i add a little less the second time around it won't clunk up together.

Karis Reager

Amazing! One of my favorite popsicle recipes to make way better than the watermelon popsicles.




Delicious treat!

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