Apple Kiwi Superpower Green Smoothie

Give Yourself a Boost
Give Yourself a Boost
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1 Apples cored, cut into chunks
1 Kiwi peeled and quartered
2 cups Baby kale or tender kale leaves, chopped
½ cup Cilantro leaves
1¼-inch slice Fresh ginger peeled, chopped
1 cup Water filtered

Nutritional information


Apple Kiwi Superpower Green Smoothie


Apple Kiwi Superpower Green Smoothie is a dessert-worthy smoothie that delivers fiber, protein, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. This green smoothie packs in plenty of healthy ingredients such as apple, kiwi, kale, cilantro, and ginger.

The health benefits of this smoothie are obvious. Apple and kiwi not only give natural sweetness but also offer a solid amount of fiber, something that most people don’t eat enough. Kale, though often blamed for bitter and earthy taste, is known as a superstar in the world of nutrition. To get the benefits of kale and not taste it in a smoothie, make sure to use baby kale or its tender leaves. Cilantro, whether you love it or hate it, has many health benefits as well. It helps to improve digestion and lower cholesterol. Besides, it adds freshness and tastes great in combination with other ingredients. To top things off, I add fresh ginger. It gives a warming kick and powerful anti-inflammatory benefits, too.

To make the Apple Kiwi Superpower Green Smoothie, you will need the following ingredients:

Ingridiens for Apple Kiwi Superpower Green Smoothie

Steps to make Apple Kiwi Superpower Green Smoothie


Combine ingredients


In a blender, place 1 cored apple cut into chunks, 1peeled and quartered kiwi, 2 cups chopped baby kale or tender leaves, ½ a cup cilantro leaves, 1¼ -inch slice peeled and chopped ginger, and 1 cup filtered water.




Blend on high until smooth.



Pour into a glass and serve.

Give yourself a boost with this healthy Apple Kiwi Superpower Green Smoothie! A quick blitz in the blender and your healthy breakfast or snack is ready to enjoy. If you try this recipe, let us know what you think in the comments below.

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