Pizza with Pesto, Mozzarella, and Microgreens

Healthy Microgreens Pizza
Healthy Microgreens Pizza
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3 cups All-purpose flour
½ tsp Active dry yeast slightly heaped
Sea salt or kosher salt
1¼ cup Water plus an additional tablespoon or two if needed
6 tbsp Micro-arugula & lemon pesto or other fresh pesto
1 cup Mozzarella sliced
1 cup Cherry tomatoes sliced
4 oz Prosciutto
1 cup Microgreens
Black pepper to taste

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Pizza with Pesto, Mozzarella, and Microgreens


This Pizza with Pesto, Mozzarella, and Arugula Microgreens is a delicious, healthy microgreen pizza with toppings such as arugula microgreens, lemon pesto, fresh mozzarella, fresh cherry tomatoes and prosciutto. This pizza recipe includes the ingredients and directions for the actual pizza dough so that you can create a perfect homemade microgreens pizza from scratch!

To make Pizza with Pesto, Mozzarella, and Arugula Microgreens, you will need the following ingredients:

Ingridiens for Pizza with Pesto, Mozzarella, and Microgreens

Steps to make Pizza with Pesto, Mozzarella, and Microgreens


Combine dough ingredients


In a large bowl, using a wooden spoon, combine 3 cups of all-purpose flour, ½ teaspoon of active dry yeast, 1½ teaspoons of sea salt and 1¼ cups of water until a rough dough forms. If too rough, add another spoon of water.


Rise dough


Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and set aside, at room temperature, for about 12-24 hours to rise or until more than doubled in volume.


Work dough


Turn the risen dough out onto a well-floured surface. The dough should be loose and stretchy, soft yet a little bit sticky. Sprinkle some flour over and divide into 2 pieces. Roll into 2 balls and then, working one-by-one, stretch the dough away and together from your hands, a few times, working the dough. Place on a baking sheet. Repeat with the second ball. Flour your fingers, and then shape the dough into roughly round pizzas.


Prepare pizza


Add micro-arugula & lemon pesto, or any other fresh pesto, some fresh mozzarella, a few slices of fresh cherry tomatoes, prosciutto, and fresh pepper, if you wish.




Bake the pizza in a preheated oven on the highest temperature, about 500 °F for 10-15 minutes until the toppings look roasted cooked and the crust is golden.



Top with arugula microgreens, serve hot and enjoy.

Try this delicious Pizza with Pesto, Mozzarella and Arugula Microgreens and you won’t be disappointed! My family loves pizza night and these are some of my favorite toppings. What are yours? Let us know and share your pizza pictures with us! Contact us online using our hashtag #cookmerecipes!

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Recipe Reviews

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Elianna Gehlen

I'm SCREAMING! This is the best pizza recipe EVER, never going to buy frozen pizza anymore, this was so flavourful and reminded me of the time I visited Italy, just amazing.

Everleigh Zohn

I added some sun dried tomatos to mine and oh man they increased the flavor 10x's over.

Katrina Bate

Needed a little bit more water on my end but i made it huge so that could be why. Loved the pesto pizza.

Antonia Helgeson

Skipped the microgreens but added everything else. Really good.

Nathalie Kaczkowski

Can't get enough of this pizza, better than the chicken pizza and that one was my favorite!

Miley Moron

Had to add a lot more water cause the dough was constantly crumbling. But the pesto pizza was good.

Ophelia Michele

Bookmarking this amazing website,so many flavourful dishes to make and this one was my first.

Ayleen Tapper

Crunchy and delicious, nothing more I could ask for.

Natalya Longo

Great recipe thanks so much for bringing it to my attention i liked it a lot.

Annelise Rolloff

Not as tasty as the peach and prosciutto pizza, but I liked it.

Anneliese Feigelson

My days of ordering pizza are over, this was so good!!

Amalia Bergert

Pesto mozarella pizza with microgreens-- the name of the pizza says it all. Perfection.

Mollie Jutson

The dough was a little troublesome to perfect but it was sooo yummy.

Rayne Dabler

Mine turned out very thin and too crunchy, so i decided to buy pre-made dough instead.

Emilee Didio

Brilliant recipe, turned out delicious, a little hard to make but worth it if you know what you're doing.

Marlowe Georgatos

The lemon pesto actually made the pizza kinda zesty, just how i like it though so no shame in that.

Samiyah Blossman

Hubby and I decided to give this a try on our anniversay and we both thought we'd make it a competetion to see whose taste better, he burnt his a little so it was super crunchy but mine came out to perfection, in the end we loved both. Point of the story is that this pizza is very fun, simple and delicious to make.

Aleigha Vamos

This was easy to make only thanks to your steps and beautiful photo presentations. Thx.

Adalee Castaner

I tossed in a lot more mozzarella cheese because I'm a mozzarella-addict. It was the best decision I've ever made haha.

Charlize Fretty

Both me and my kids are still obsessing over how good this came out, they refuse to order dominos anymore and instead pester me to make this instead,LOL.


Well done! Verified!

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