Greek Baked Bonito With Herbs & Potatoes

gorgeous Greek fish dish
Gorgeous Greek fish dish
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1 (3 lb) Whole bonito
Sea salt to taste
Black pepper to taste
Greek Dried oregano to taste
5-6 cloves Garlic sliced
2 ½ lb Potatoes
½ cup Olive oil
2 lemons Lemon juice
1 ⅓ cups Water

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Greek Baked Bonito With Herbs & Potatoes


Greek Baked Bonito With Herbs & Potatoes is inspired by a dish I ate in a taverna in Rhodes one evening. I was part of a group of 6 and the restaurant suggested that we share a whole fish between the table. I will never forget the simple yet exquisite flavors – a perfect mix of citrus lemon, pungent oregano and garlic baked inside the fish. Meals do not get much better than that one!

So here is the home version. I advise taking a whole bonito for this recipe. Clean out the fish and discard the head – you can ask them to do this at your fish store if you like. Insert garlic into the cavity. Place the fish in a baking dish surrounded by potatoes. Pour over a cooking liquid made with oil, lemon juice and water. Bake for 1 ½ hours before serving up this delicious dish to your guests!

To make Greek Baked Bonito With Herbs & Potatoes, you will need the following ingredients:

Ingridiens for Greek Baked Bonito With Herbs & Potatoes

Steps to make Greek Baked Bonito With Herbs & Potatoes


Heat oven and prepare a roasting pan


Preheat the oven to 355 °F and spray a large roasting pan with cooking spray.


Clean out the fish and cut


Cut the head off the fish and discard. Clean out the intestines and innards. Cut the fish in half lengthwise - cut along the back and remove the bloodline. Rinse and pat dry.


Season the fish


Season the bonito with salt, pepper, and oregano to taste.


Place garlic in the cavity


Place slices of 5-6 cloves garlic into the fleshiest parts of the fish.


Prepare the potatoes


Peel 2 ½ pounds of potatoes and chop them into equal-sized wedges and season with salt, pepper, and oregano to taste.


Place fish in a baking pan


Place the fish in a baking pan, skin-side down. Nestle the potatoes around the fish and scatter any additional slices of garlic over the top.


Prepare cooking liquid


Whisk ½ a cup of olive oil and the juice of two lemons together in a small bowl. Pour the liquid over the fish and potatoes, and add 1 ⅓ cups of water.




Bake the fish for 1 ½ hours in the oven until it flakes easily when pressed with a fork.


Leave to cool


Remove the fish from the oven and leave to cool for 5 minutes before serving.



Transfer the whole bonito to a serving platter and arrange the potatoes around it.

Try this Greek Baked Bonito With Herbs & Potatoes the next time you decide to cook a whole fish. It is light, healthy and delicious. Try it out and tag #cookmerecipes in your fish posts.

Jelena is an interior designer and young mom! As a busy working mom, her time is precious so she’s always looking for a quick and efficient way to get things done. Jelena is very creative, but has a strong practical side. She loves trying new things and travels a lot, especially around Europe. The kitchen is Jelena’s safe space, where she can let her creative side out and dedicate herself to her favorite hobby - cooking!

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Priya Lomedico

Really enjoyed this fish dinner it was sooo yummy.

Ailani Zenker

Easy to make and the time isn't half bad for a meal like this for sure.

Nahla Mastropolo

Was alright, I prefer the fish fillet instead though since it's far more simplified than this.

Legacy Picinich

Good meal, made with cheesy garlic bread instead of potatoes, Greek food is the best!

Linnea Lavoy

Tasty and simple to make just how I like most of my recipes to be thanks so much for sharing.

Nellie Beckstrand

Takes a long time to cook this and it needs a lot of seasoning or it taste bland and watery, if cooked properly it can be good though.

Sally Bridewell

Added some cucumbers to this on the side and a bit of lettuce instead of potatoes, it's a refreshing meal for sure.

Raylynn Hoffstadt

5 star meal all the way, would pay over 50 bucks for a plate like this, glad to be able to make it at home instead.

Clover Housley

Husband and I are obsessed with this fish dinner we had it with some white wine on the side.

Elayna Marhofer

Not too shabby it's good with a little bit of lime and even add some sourcream to the potatoes.

Emiliana Borroel

Thanks again for another perfectly delicious and affordable recipe Jelena. I'd recommend anyone reading this to go and try out all her dishes, she makes the best stuff.

Greta Lannie

Obsessed with all the food I find on here since everything taste so good and is easy.

Andie Sturza

Had this baked bonito with potatoes and herbs yesterday and now I'm back to leave a review about how scrumptious it was!

Anne Rolader

Greek meals are my number one favorite type of meals because they are always so unique.

Carsyn Stuckel

Can't believe how simple it is to make a 10 star meal at home, very excited to try more things out from this website.

Arely Baab

Love this baked bonito with potatoes, going to be trying it out with rice and a bunch of lemon next time :)

Leilah Gauze

Perfect for any dinner or lunch at any time of the year, really good.


Well done! Verified!

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